Acclaimed social researcher and long-time newspaper columnist Hugh Mackay has written 17 books: 10 in the field of social psychology and ethics, and seven novels. His latest novel, Selling the Dream, is a biting satire about advertising. With his insider knowledge of the industry, Hugh has crafted a funny and disturbingly realistic portrayal of the lengths some admen will go to. Join him as he shares how his social insights find their way into fiction. 

Ailsa Piper (Australian)

Ailsa Piper

Ailsa Piper is a writer, performer, director, teacher and facilitator. Her most recent book was The Attachment, co-authored with Tony Doherty. Her travel memoir, Sinning Across Spain, was re-released in 2017. Her script Small Mercies was co-winner of the Patrick White Playwrights Award. She is sustained by reading, walking, swimming and trees.