When journalists spend a long time pursuing a story, it can be hard to separate the personal and professional. Madeline Gleeson is a lawyer and award-winning author of Offshore. Christine Kenneally is a contributing editor for BuzzFeed News. Caro Meldrum-Hanna is a five-time Walkley Award-winning journalist (including a Gold Walkley) who uncovered the Don Dale Detention Centre story. They join Rebecca Johinke to discuss their complicated connections with their biggest stories. 


Supported by the University of Sydney.

Rebecca Johinke (Australian)

Rebecca Johinke

Rebecca Johinke is an associate professor in the Department of English, The University of Sydney. Her work is wide ranging, but it has always included a strong focus on gender and popular culture. Her most recent work focuses on magazines and magazine culture and her first book is Queens of Print: Interviews with Australia’s Iconic Women’s Magazine Editors.