Feeling the heat? Got questions to ask about climate change? You’re not alone. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Tim Flannery have investigated this vexing subject as thoroughly as anyone. They join Nick Rowley for an enlightening discussion that answers many of your questions and poses a few more. From melting ice caps to the effect of rising sea levels on our coastlines, our response to these problems will matter – and sooner than we thought, it seems.

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Tim Flannery (Australian)

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Tim Flannery is one of the world’s most prominent environmentalists and a former Australian of the Year. In 2011 he was made a Chevalier of the Order of St Charles, and in 2015 received the Jack Blayney Award for Dialog from Simon Fraser University, Canada. In 2013 he founded, and is now chief councillor, of the Australian Climate Council, Australia’s largest and most successful crowdfunded organisation. He is currently a professor at Melbourne University Sustainability Institute.

Tim has published over 140 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has named 25 living and 50 fossil mammal species. His 32 books include the award winning The Future Eaters and The Weather Makers, which has been translated into over 20 languages. He has made numerous documentaries and regularly writes for the New York Review of Books. He speaks Bahasa Indonesian and Melanesian Pigeon, and has over 20 years of experience as an explorer and biologist in New Guinea and surrounding countries, and has extensive knowledge of the region. His most recent book, which deals with carbon negative technologies, is Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Karl Kruszelnicki (Australian)

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Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki is one of Australia’s 100 National Living Treasures with a media career spanning more than 30 years. He has authored 40 books to date and if one was fortunate enough to have read all of them, one would have a tremendous general background knowledge in all aspects of modern science. His latest book for adults is The Doctor and for children is Dr Karl’s Big Book of Amazing Animals. His accolades range from the Ig Nobel Prize from Harvard University for his groundbreaking research into belly button fluff and why it is almost always blue, to being one of the first Australian Apple Masters, of which there are only 100 worldwide. A lifetime student, Karl has earned degrees in physics and maths, biomedical engineering, medicine and surgery. He now serves as the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at Sydney University, where his ‘mission’ is to spread the good word about science and its benefits. His enthusiasm for science is totally infectious and no one is better able to convey the excitement and wonder of it all than Dr. Karl.

Nicholas Rowley (Australian)

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Nick Rowley worked as an advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair from 2004 to 2006. He was responsible for policy on sustainability and the environment working across Whitehall and in partnership with experts and practitioners from academia, business and non-government organisations. Nick lectures at the University of Sydney teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students on the relationships between power, politics and effective policy. He also works as an independent consultant to a mix of business and NGO clients in Australia and overseas.