Join Australian Financial Review journalist Neil Chenoweth, Guardian Australia’s Paul Farrell andFour Corners reporter Marian Wilkinson, as they discuss two of the biggest stories of last year; The Panama Papers and The Nauru Files. Both investigations were the result of leaked documents, had significant public and political impacts and highlighted the changing way that journalists are using data and are working together to get the story. Moderated by Gold Walkley-winning journalist Anne Davies.

Presented in partnership with the Walkley Foundation.

Paul Farrell (Australian)

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Paul Farrell was lead reporter on the Nauru Files and brought in the story. He has worked on many of The Guardian Australia’s biggest stories on security, immigration and data. He was a Walkley Award finalist in 2016.

Neil Chenoweth (Australian)

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Neil Chenoweth is a Gold Walkley winner and a senior writer with The Australian Financial Review. In 1991 Chenoweth almost brought Rupert Murdoch's career undone with a magazine article that triggered a secret government inquiry into Murdoch's family companies. Since then he has earned a reputation as one of Australia's best forensic business journalists. In 2016 he was nominated for the Walkley Award for his work on the Panama Papers.

Marian Wilkinson (Australian)

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Marian Wilkinson has been a reporter with the the ABC’s investigative TV program, Four Corners since March 2010. She is a multi award-winning journalist with a career that has spanned radio, television and print. She has covered politics, national security, terrorism, environment and refugee issues as well as serving as a foreign correspondent in Washington DC for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Four Corners. She has also worked as deputy editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as Executive Producer of Four Corners. She has written several books including the political biography, The Fixer, on one of Australia’s most controversial Labor figures, Graham Richardson, and Dark Victory, on Australia’s response to asylum seekers which she co-authored with David Marr. Marian was also environment editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. In 2008, she reported on the rapid melt of Arctic sea ice for a joint ABC Four Corners-Sydney Morning Herald production, which won a Walkley Award for journalism as well as the Australian Museum's Eureka prize for environmental journalism. She was nominated for a Walkley in 2016 with ICIJ for Four Corners' coverage of the Panama Papers.

Anne Davies (Australian)

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Anne Davies is a freelance investigative journalist. Until June 2016 she was a senior reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald and has served in a number of roles during her 25 years at Fairfax, including news editor, investigations editor, Washington correspondent and state political editor. In 2002 she won the Gold Walkley with Kate McClymont for their expose of the Canterbury Bulldogs salary cap scandal. She also served on the Board of Copyright Agency Ltd as the journalist-elected member.