Candice Fox’s first novel, Hades, won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Book and she now co-authors a series with James Patterson. But her success was hard-won. Candice received more than 200 rejection letters before her manuscript was accepted for publication. She believes that her persistence was an essential part of her journey. Candice’s third novel, Fall, was recently published to critical acclaim. She talks about the importance of rejection to a writer’s practice, and the rewards it can bring.

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Candice Fox (Australian)

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Hades, Candice Fox's first novel, won the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. The sequel, Eden, won the Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel in 2015, making Candice only the second author to win these accolades back-to-back.  Her third novel, Fall, was published to critical acclaim. In 2015 Candice began collaborating with James Patterson. Their first novel together, Never Never, set in the vast Australian outback, was released in August 2016. Candice and James have also co-written a prequel novella, Black & Blue. They are currently at work on their second full novel. Candice's latest book is Crimson Lake.

Juanita Ruys (Australian)

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Juanita Feros Ruys is the director of the University of Sydney Node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. She is a senior research fellow in the Medieval and Early Modern Centre and the author of Demons in the Middle Ages.