Immigration is a hot-button topic in today’s troubled times, with the world’s heavy hitters making unprecedented moves to control immigration and increase national security. Hosted by The Briefing’s Alex McKinnon, a panel of experts weigh in on Australia’s immigration debate, with a focus on security, civil liberties and where we stand on the global stage. Featuring The Guardian’s Ben Doherty, associate editor of The Australian Caroline Overington and ABC’s Sarah Whyte. 

Caroline Overington (Australian)

Caroline Overington

Caroline Overington is a two-time winner of the Walkley Award for Investigative Journalism and a winner of the Sir Keith Murdoch Award for Excellence in Journalism. A former New York correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, she is the author of non-fiction books, Kickback: Inside the AWB Scandal, which won the Blake Dawson Prize, and Last Woman Hanged which won the 2016 Davitt Prize. She has written nine crime thrillers, including the No.1 bestseller, The One Who Got Away.