With fearless reporting of issues such as ‘Australia Enjoys Another Peaceful Day Under Oppressive Gun Control Regime’ and ‘Female Law Graduate Receives Windex To Clean The Glass Ceiling’, The Betoota Advocate goes where others fear to tread. Hailing from an Outback Queensland ghost town, The Betoota Advocate is read by everyone from those lurking in the corridors of power to Balmain Chardonnay socialists with deep pockets. Join the paper’s Errol Parker and Clancy Overell in conversation with Lewis Hobba (triple j).

Errol Parker (Australian)

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A former journalist turned regional reporter, Errol Parker has tasted both the fruit of great success and the bitter grapes of failure. Both of which are evident in The Betoota Advocate's runaway best-seller The Round-Up.

Clancy Overell (Australian)

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Clancy Overell is a passionate regional journalist with over 40 years’ experience in the news media, most of which have been spent in Betoota in Queensland’s Channel Country. Between many different desks at The Betoota Advocate, Clancy Overell has also worked as a ringer, tent boxer, roo-shooter and fencer. Clancy was known for always keeping a journal on him, documenting life in the Australian Outback, whether it was to be published or not.

Lewis Hobba (Australian)

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Lewis Hamilton Hobba is a radio presenter, television presenter and comedian. He co-hosts the afternoon drive time program, Drive with Veronica & Lewis, with Veronica Milsom on radio station, Triple J.