British author Natalie Haynes’ stand-up routines about figures from ancient Greece and Rome have taken the classics and turned them on their head. Her book The Ancient Guide To Modern Life examines the stories and ideas from philosophers such as Plato, Ovid and Agrippina the Younger with humour, insight and a modern perspective.

Curriculum/focus: Ancient History/Drama

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Natalie Haynes (International)

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Natalie Haynes is a broadcaster and comedian and the author of The Amber Fury and The Ancient Guide to Modern Life. She also writes for the Guardian and The Independent. She has spoken widely on the modern relevance of the classical world. Her latest book The Children of Jocasta will be published in early May.

Joy Lawn (Australian)

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Joy Lawn is a freelance writer and reviewer for The Weekend Australian and Magpies magazine. Her work has also appeared in Books+Publishing, The Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Review of Books. Joy judges several literary awards, including the NSW Premier's Awards. She blogs about literary fiction, young adult and children’s literature at Boomerang Books blog and teaches at University of Southern Queensland.