Did you know that the Southern Cross is called Waluwara (Eagle’s Foot) by the Arrernte peoples? That Torres Strait Islanders study subtle shifts in starlight to predict monsoons? Or that the roving Emu in the Sky constellation signals what to eat and when to eat it? Hear from Wuthathi and Yadhaigana author Terri Janke (True Tracks) and Gomeroi astrophysicist and author Krystal De Napoli (Astronomy: Sky Country) as they share insight into complex astronomical systems used to navigate the land, map the seasons and observe ancestral spirits, in conversation with Jasmin McGaughey.

Krystal De Napoli (Australian)

Krystal De Napoli

Krystal De Napoli is a Gomeroi award-winning author, astrophysicist and science communicator devoted to the advocacy of Indigenous knowledges and equity in STEM. Krystal is co-author of Astronomy: Sky Country (2022), winner of the Victorian Premier's Literary Award People's Choice Award (2023), shortlisted for both the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Indigenous Writing (2023) and Book of the Year by the Age (2022). Krystal is the host of the weekly radio show Indigenuity on Triple R 102.7FM.

Terri Janke (Australian)

Terri Janke

Dr Terri Janke is a Meriam, Wuthathi and Yadhaigana woman, and is the owner and managing director of Terri Janke and Company, an award-winning legal and consulting firm founded in 2000. Terri is an international expert on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. Her book True Tracks: Working with Indigenous Knowledge and Culture was published in July 2021. Terri is also the Co-Chief author of the State of Environment Report 2021.

Jasmin McGaughey (Australian)

Jasmin McGaughey

Jasmin is a Torres Strait Islander and African American writer and editor. In 2019 she was lucky enough to be a black&write! editor intern and a Wheeler Centre Next Chapter recipient. Since then, she has written for Overland, Kill Your Darlings, SBS Voices and Griffith Review. Jasmin is also the author of Ash Barty’s Little Ash Series.