As an immigrant with Chinese heritage who moved to Australia as a kid, Rosheen Kaul grew up living between two cultures and wondering how she fitted in. Her new cookbook, Chinese-ish, co-authored by Joanna Hu, celebrates the blending of culture and identity through food, with an eye for taking what you love and shelving what doesn’t work for you. Rosheen speaks about the delicious collection of decidedly inauthentic Chinese-influenced dishes, featuring unconventional recipes for everything from wontons to dumplings and a Sichuan sausage sanga.

Rosheen Kaul (Australian)

Rosheen Kaul

Rosheen Kaul is head chef at Melbourne’s Etta Restaurant, where she cooks a menu as culturally diverse as she is. Originally from Singapore, Rosheen spent her formative years training at prestigious restaurants Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Ezard and Lee Ho Fook. In 2022 she released her first cookbook Chinese-ish with Murdoch Books.