Powerhouse Late puts the spotlight on music and writing in two special Sydney Writers’ Festival panel events with accompanying live music and lyrical abstractions projected throughout Powerhouse Ultimo. From 5pm expect DJs, projections and live music then at 6pm songwriters Bertie Blackman, Evelyn Ida Morris and Bec Sandridge host a panel unpacking writing in all its different modes. At 7.30pm Vyva Entertainment curate a panel exploring half a century of hip-hop, the world's most popular music genre.

Bertie Blackman (Australian)

Bertie Blackman

Bertie Blackman is a multidisciplinary storyteller. Her work as a writer, musician and artist weaves between the real and unreal, illuminating her unique universe and inviting us to explore worlds within worlds. Bertie is an ARIA–winning musician, and is the daughter of iconic Australian artist Charles Blackman. Bertie's debut children's book, Mica the Star Sailor, was published in 2020. Her memoir, Bohemian Negligence, was published in 2022.

Bec Sandridge (Australian)

Bec Sandridge

Bec Sandridge is a songwriter, mentor, producer and multi-disciplinary artist based on the South Coast of Australia. Sandridge's primary weapon of choice is guitar paired with her distinct vocals: she draws upon her folk roots to create 80s-esque, nostalgic-driven pop songs. Inspired by Cyndi Lauper, David Byrne and Prince, Sandridge transports listeners into a sentimental space via fuzzed out guitars, ethereal vocals and arpeggiator synthesizers, and in more tender moments, carries a story with just a guitar.

Evelyn Ida-Morris (Australian)

Evelyn Ida-Morris

Evelyn Ida Morris has been making music since they were three years old. It started with the piano, then the drums, then indie bands, trekking into the city from Warrandyte to sneak into gigs as a teenager. Now they’re one of Victoria’s most gifted composers and live music acts. In fact, they were recently voted one of the Top 50 Most Power People in the Australian music industry. After releasing several tracks under the name Pikelet, Morris co-founded LISTEN, an advocacy group for diverese Australian artists. In 2017, they released their first self-titled album, full of racing, dextrous piano chords. Then it was onto feature film soundtracks, including the score for Acute Misfortue in 2018, which earned Morris their first ARIA nomination.