Celebrating original, excellent and engaging works by women and non-binary authors, the Stella Prize has helped elevate the careers of numerous Australian writers and has become one of the country’s most prestigious literary accolades. Be one of the first to hear from the winner of this year’s award as they sit down in conversation with judging panel member Beejay Silcox to discuss their creative inspirations, writing process and prize-winning work.

Beejay Silcox (Australian)

Beejay Silcox

Beejay Silcox is a writer and critic currently based in Canberra. Her reviews and cultural commentary regularly appear in national arts publications, and are increasingly finding an international audience. Beejay has stories to tell. She's been kicked in the head by a mountain gorilla, blessed by a voodoo priest and stuck in quicksand; she eloped to Las Vegas, and drove to Timbuktu in a car held together with a bra-strap.