The Curiosity Lecture series returns to the Festival with a line-up of our most thought-provoking speakers delivering one-time talks on topics of intrigue, interest and importance. Hear from professor of psychology and author Ben Newell as he shares insight from his new book Open Minded: Searching for Truth about the Unconscious Mind. Fusing research into the relationship between intuitive and deliberating thinking, and sharing real-life examples, he challenges commonly held notions about the role of unconscious thought in the human mind and behaviour.  

Supported by UNSW Sydney.

Ben Newell (Australian)

Ben Newell

Ben Newell is Professor of Psychology at UNSW Sydney. He has published many articles and book chapters on human judgement and decision making, and has an enduring fascination with the role that the unconscious plays in our decisions. His most recent book is Open Minded: Searching for Truth about the Unconscious Mind, co-authored with Professor David Shanks. It is a provocative look at the unconscious mind that challenges contemporary perceptions and exposes the indefensible science that fostered them.