British chef, restaurateur and star of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, Asma Khan shares her culinary memories and most treasured recipes in Ammu: Indian Home-Cooking to Nourish the Soul – a memoir, cookbook and ode to her Kolkata-based mother. Well-known for her all-female kitchen team and her commitment to social change, Asma speaks with Annabel Crabb about a debut release that is a joyful celebration of heritage, of slow-cooked dishes passed through generations, and of the inextricable link between food and love.

Asma Khan (International)

Asma Khan

Asma Khan is an award-winning chef, best-selling cookbook author and the owner of London's famed Darjeeling Express restaurant. She sits on the London Mayor's Business Advisory Board and is an Honorary Fellow at Oxford University. Asma is the first British chef to be profiled in Netflix's Emmy nominated Chef's Table and the first chef to be featured on Vogue's list of 25 most influential women. Best known for her all-female kitchen team and her commitment to social change, Asma is an unstoppable force in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Annabel Crabb (Australian)

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb is a writer and presenter for the ABC. She's also a keen amateur podcaster and co-hosts the inexplicably popular Chat 10, Looks 3 podcast with her colleague Leigh Sales, who lends credibility to the exercise. Annabel has worked extensively in newspapers, radio and TV as a political journalist and won a Walkley Award for Stop At Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull. She published a bestselling book about gender and work, The Wife Drought in 2014, and has published two cookbooks with childhood friend Wendy Sharpe, the latest of which is Special Guest. Her most recent Quarterly Essay is Men at Work.