Journalist and author Caroline Baum (Only) joins two of Australia’s favourite broadcasters and authors for a whirlwind of a conversation comprising incredible stories, curious characters, robots, alchemy and hyper-optimism. Host of ABC’s Conversations Richard Fidler has turned his love affair with Prague into a personally curated history – The Golden Maze – a work that is both a biography of a city and the stories and people that define it. Former host of ABC Radio National’s The Book Show Ramona Koval recently embarked on a global quest to better understand the ingenuity, science and tales that make us human in A Letter to Layla

This podcast was recorded live at the 2021 Sydney Writers’ Festival and is available on all major podcast platforms.

Ramona Koval (Australian)

Ramona Koval

Ramona Koval is a writer and journalist. Her recent books include A Letter to Layla: Travels to our deep past and near future (Text, 2020), Bloodhound: Searching for my father (Text, 2015), By the Book: A reader's guide to life (Text, 2012) and Speaking Volumes: Interviews with Remarkable Writers (Scribe, 2010). She is an honorary fellow in the Centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne. She previously presented a range of ABC programs, notably Books and Writing and later The Book Show.

Richard Fidler (Australian)

Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler is the author of Ghost Empire and the co-author of Saga Land, a journey into the sagas of Iceland, which was awarded the 2018 Indie Book Award for non-fiction. Richard is best known as a presenter of ABC Radio's Conversations. The program attracts a large listening audience around the nation and is the most popular podcast in Australia. His new book, The Golden Maze, is a biography of Prague, inspired by his experience of the city’s 1989 Velvet Revolution.

Caroline Baum (Australian)

Caroline Baum

Journalist Caroline Baum is the author of Only: A Singular Memoir, and in April 2021 she launches her new podcast, Life Sentences, about contemporary biography. She is the Ambassador for the Older Womens Network (NSW) and a winner of the Hazel Rowley Fellowship. She lives on the South Coast of NSW.