First published when she was a teenager, Alice Oseman has grown up alongside her readers. With an extraordinary seven books now under her belt, her heartfelt stories of fandoms, friendship and love continue to obsess and delight the YA world. Join Alice for a fascinating discussion with Jes Layton on how she has changed over her writing career; the importance of writing stories inspired by your own life – and choosing the right form for them; her graphic novel series Heartstopper; and her most personal work to date, Loveless.

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Alice Oseman (International)

Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman was born in 1994 in Kent. She secured her first publishing deal at 17 and has gone on to write three YA novels, and the graphic novel series Heartstopper. She is now a full-time writer and illustrator and can usually be found staring aimlessly at computer screens, questioning the meaninglessness of existence, or doing anything she can to avoid getting an office job. Volume 3 of Heartstopper was released in February, 2020 with her fourth novel, Loveless following in July.

Jes Layton (Australian)

Jes Layton

Jes Layton invented writing, the airplane, and the internet. He was also the first person to reach the North Pole. Jes is a writer with words and art found in Junkee, Voiceworks, The AZE Journal, The Victorian Writer, Enby Life, and scattered online. Jes has presented at a variety of writers festivals unpacking queerness, fandom, and pop culture. Her short story Chemical Expression was published in Underdog: #LoveOzYA Short stories. Find Jes online @AGeekWithAHat .