Jo Lennan and Laura Jean McKay have written two brilliant, wholly original books that examine humanity and animality as a wave of extinctions gathers force. The stories in Jo’s In the Time of Foxes are united by the clever, dangerous spirit of the fox. Laura’s The Animals in That Country conjures an Australia in which the victims of a pandemic begin to understand the language of animals. Joined by the Wheeler Centre’s Veronica Sullivan, Jo and Laura discuss how their work invites us to rethink our relationship with animals and why our fate is tied to the creatures we share the planet with.

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In the Time of Foxes and The Animals in That Country are available from Gleebooks. 

Jo Lennan (Australian)

Jo Lennan

Jo Lennan is the author of In The Time of Foxes, a collection of short stories to be released this May. Born in Wollongong, she studied in Sydney and Oxford. Jo has worked as a lawyer and writer, contributing to The Economist, 1843, Time Magazine and The Monthly. Her work has featured in the Best Australian Stories and Best Australian Essays anthologies.

Laura Jean McKay (Australian)

Laura Jean McKay

Laura Jean McKay writes about humans and other animals. She is the author of The Animals in That Country and Holiday in Cambodia, which was shortlisted for three National Book Awards: the 2014 NSW Premier's Literary Award, the 2014 Queensland Literary Award and the 2015 Asher Award for books on an anti-war theme. Laura is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at Massey University.

Veronica Sullivan (Australian)

Veronica Sullivan

Veronica is the Programming Manager at the Wheeler Centre. She is the chair of the Custodial Committee of the Kat Muscat Fellowship. Previously, Veronica was co-host of Sisteria, a podcast about women’s experiences as creators and consumers of arts and culture. She has also been a board member and program manager of the Feminist Writers Festival, Prize Manager of the Stella Prize, and Online Editor of Kill Your Darlings.