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Wednesday, May 20 2015 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Ticketed: $15
Sydney Jewish Museum, 148 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst
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The current exhibition at the Sydney Jewish Museum, titled Signs of Life, displays letters and postcards written by individuals to friends and family before and during the Holocaust. It’s a moving and poignant exhibition, as many of these letters were the final communication people had with their loved ones. In keeping with the theme of Signs of Life, five panellists between 20 and 80 years of age discuss how correspondence and communication have changed over the decades.

Adele Horin (Australian)

Adele Horin was a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald for nearly two decades. She reported on a range of social issues from child care to aged care, and wrote a weekly column. Previously she’d been a correspondent in New York and Washington for the National Times, and won a Walkley award for a series on sex in Australia, and two Australian Human Rights Commission media awards. She’s also worked for the Life Matters program on Radio National. She now writes a blog called Coming of Age about baby boomers.

Kerri Sackville (Australian)

Kerri is an Australian author, columnist, blogger and motivational speaker. Kerri is the author of When My Husband Does The Dishes and The Little Book Of Anxiety - Confessions From A Worried Life. Kerri is a columnist for Prevention magazine and Practical Parenting magazine, a regular guest columnist for Sunday Life magazine, and a featured columnist for The Hoopla.

Phoebe Roth (Australian)

Phoebe is a journalist from Melbourne with a Bachelor of Journalism from Monash University. During her studies, she volunteered in community radio at the Student Youth Network (SYN) where she read the news and produced daily current affairs program Panorama. She has been with the Australian Jewish News since 2012; first in the Melbourne office and now in Sydney, where she covers local community news, politics, arts, and more. Phoebe hopes one day to specialise in health and medical journalism. A true representative of Gen Y, she is trying her best to eliminate LOL and OMG from her regular verbal vocabulary.

Olga Horak (Australian)

Olga Horak was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia on August 11, 1926. Olga survived five concentration camps; Sered, Auschwitz - Birkenau, Kurbach, Gross Rosen and Bergen Belsen. At 19 was the sole survivor of her family. She has been a guide at the Sydney Jewish Museum for over 20 years and speaks to schools students each week. Olga says; “We endeavour to teach truth in order to develop spiritual and moral strength, so that people of different cultures can live in harmony. I don’t live in the past...the past lives in me. I have been asked to forget. To forget would be an insult to the martyrs.”

Daniel Grynberg (Australian)

Daniel Grynberg is the Chief Executive Officer of JCA and ex-officio on all committees. Daniel, who is a lawyer, worked for 11 years as the general and corporate counsel at the Meriton Group, and also worked in development at the Ariadne Group. Prior to that Daniel worked at Herbert Smith Freehills and spent a year on secondment at the Shopfront Youth Legal Centre. He has been a long-time volunteer at the Kingsford Legal Centre.



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