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Curiosity Lecture Series: On Defence of Evil
Saturday, May 24 2014 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM Free, no bookings
Pier 2/3 Bloomberg Stage, Pier 2/3, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Luke Russell, Damon Young (facilitator)
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Many of us use the word “evil” to describe wartime atrocities and serial killers, but is it naïve or misguided to believe that evil exists? Does evil belong in a supernatural realm, or is it simply part of morality? What is the difference between evil acts and simple wrongdoing, or between an evil person and a mere bad person? Is anyone really so morally corrupt and irredeemable that he or she deserves to be called evil? Luke Russell discusses.

Luke Russell (Australian)

Luke Russell is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sydney. He works in the domain of moral philosophy, and has written on the nature of evil, forgiveness, virtue and vice. In addition to teaching ethics and critical thinking at university, Luke has run philosophy classes for high school students, business leaders, and prison inmates. Luke's book Evil: A Philosophical Investigation is being published in 2014 by Oxford University Press.

Damon Young (Australian)

Damon Young is a philosopher and writer, and Honorary Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne. Damon is the author of Distraction, Philosophy in the Garden, and the recently published How to Think About Exercise. He has written for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian The Australian, the ABC and the BBC, and is a frequent radio guest. Damon has also published poetry, short fiction and has a new children's book out: My Nanna is a Ninja.

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