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Freedom in Constraints
Sunday, May 25 2014 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Free, no bookings
Sydney Dance 2, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Vikram Chandra, Jacques Roubaud, Neil James, Richard Morecroft (facilitator)
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We think of writing as a fundamentally creative endeavour, unshackled by predetermined structures. But can we actually find creative freedom in constraints? Vikram Chandra discusses the lyrical possibilities in coding, Jacques Roubaud explores the use of rigorous constraints in fiction and poetry and Neil James makes the case for genre as a liberating force in creativity.

Supported by The Plain English Foundation.

Neil James (Australian)

Dr Neil James is the Executive Director of the Plain English Foundation, which has helped over 100 organisations improve their written communication. He has published more than 75 articles, reviews and essays on literature and language, and edited books on Australian literature and the poet C J Dennis. His most recent books Writing at Work and Modern Manglish skewer the worst excesses of our public language and make the case for reform of professional writing and public rhetoric.

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Jacques Roubaud (International)

Jacques Roubaud is a French poet, essayist, novelist, translator and mathematician who published his first collection of poetry in 1944 when he was 12. He has had a long and illustrious career, and won many prestigious awards including the Grand Prix National de la Poésie and the French Academy Grand prix de littérature Paul-Morand. Jacques has two doctorates, one in mathematics and the other in French literature. His fascination with both lead him to be part of the Oulipo an exclusive collective, which included Georges Perec, Italo Calvino, and poet Oskar Pastior. Jacques is the author of Hortense in Exile; Hortense is Abducted; Some Thing Black; The Form of a City Changes Faster, Alas, Than the Human Heart; The Great Fire of London: A Story With Interpolations and Bifurcations,The Loop and, most recentlyMathematics.

Jacques Roubaud is supported by the University of Western Sydney and Institut Francais.

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Vikram Chandra (International)

Vikram Chandra is the author of Sacred Games, Love and Longing in Bombay, and Red Earth and Pouring Rain. His honours include the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Eurasia), the Crossword Prize, and a Salon Book Award. He teaches creative writing at the University of California, Berkeley. His work has been translated into 19 languages. His most recent work, Geek Sublime, looks at Vikram’s twin obsessions: writing and coding, and the relationship between the two.

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Richard Morecroft (Australian)

Richard Morecroft is perhaps best known for his two decades as ABC television's principal news presenter, as well as hosting wildlife documentaries and most recently SBS television's popular quiz programme Letters and Numbers. Richard has authored or co-authored seven books, including 20 Years from the Waist Up, A Natural Selection, Raising Archie and Impossible Pets. He is a regular host of industry forums and conferences and has conducted many onstage interviews with guests ranging from John Cleese to Gough Whitlam.

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