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Out of the Ashes
Thursday, May 22 2014 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Free, no bookings
Sydney Dance 1, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Ian Buruma, Frank Dikötter, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Hamish McDonald (facilitator)
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War has far-reaching implications both for nations and for individuals. How do nations recover from war? How does the recovery differ between the victors and the vanquished? And, most importantly, what are the psychological effects of war on returning soldiers? This panel uses WWII as a case study to examine the wide-ranging effects of war on nations and returning soldiers. With leading thinkers on the topic, Ian Buruma, Frank Dikötter and Sheila Fitzpatrick. Chair: Hamish McDonald.

Ian Buruma (International)

Ian Buruma is a human rights Professor at Bard College. His previous books include God's Dust, Behind the Mask, The Missionary and The Libertine, Playing the Game, The Wages of Guilt, Anglomania, and Bad Elements. He writes frequently for The New York Review of Books, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and the Financial Times. Ian’s latest work, Year Zero, is a marvellous global history of 1945, a pivotal year, as a new world emerged from the ruins of World War II.

Supported by Rowena Danziger AM, Ken Coles AM and the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

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Frank Dikötter (International)

Frank Dikötter is the author of The Tragedy of Liberation: A History of the Chinese Revolution 1945-1957, the second instalment in a series that examines the impact of communism on the lives of ordinary people in China. The first volume, Mao’s Great Famine, won the 2011 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction. His books have changed the way historians view modern China. He is the chair professor of humanities at the University of Hong Kong.

Supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

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Hamish McDonald (Australian)

Hamish MacDonald has been a foreign correspondent, specialising in Asia, for over 40 years, and has lived in Jakarta, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Delhi and Beijing. He was Foreign Editor and Asia-Pacific Editor at the Sydney Morning Herald and is the author of several books, including Mahabharata in Polyester (New South Books, 2010) about India’s most famous and controversial business family, the Ambanis; and, with Desmond Ball, Death in Balibo, Lies in Canberra (Allen
& Unwin, 2000), which gave the definitive account of the military, bureaucratic and
intelligence manoevres around the killing of five Australian newsmen. His most recent book is A War of Words: The Man Who Talked 4000 Japanese into Surrender.

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Sheila Fitzpatrick (Australian)

Sheila Fitzpatrick is an Honorary Professor in the Department of History at The University of Sydney, and the Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor in Modern Russian History at the University of Chicago. In the early 1970s, Sheila moved from Britain to the United States where she made her career as a Soviet historian. By the 1990s she was considered a founder of the field of Soviet history. Her second book of memoirs. My Father's Daughter, published in 2010, won the Australian Historical Association's Magarey Medal for Biography. The Spy in the Archives is her most recent book.

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